Qualitrol 141/146/148 Serie und AKM 35600/47500 Druckschalter Serie


Designed to provide operating control, limit or alarm functions for transformers and load tap changers. Contacts can be factory set or adjusted as needed. The snap-action switch automatically resets when pressure returns to pre-set conditions. Pressure and/or vacuum switches can be combined on a common manifold and protected by optional enclosure. Optional pressure indicators (dial gauges) are available on select models.


  • Reliable alarming for rising or falling pressure
  • Compact design is easy to install
  • Numerous configurations available for many applications
  • Available with cut off valve for field testing of switches
  • Tested and certified to be reliable
  • Zuverlässiger Schnappschalter wird automatisch zurückgesetzt - es ist kein manuelles Zurücksetzen erforderlich
  • The single pole single throw (SPST) and single pole double throw (SPDT) switches are UL and CSA listed
  • Switches may be applied on systems using steam, air and other non-combustible gases
  • Pressure settings can be factory-set and/or adjustable by equipment manufacturer on select models
  • The high electrical rating of the snap-action switch often saves on the need for expensive relays


  • Betriebsdruck oder Vakuum und Betrieb bei steigendem oder fallendem Druck / Vakuum
  • Up to 3 switches, switch testing port
  • Mounting style
  • AKM 35600 is available with 3 way lockable test valve for isolation of pressure switch during operation testing
  • Compact 146 series of switches mount in any orientation inside control panel as an integral components

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Druck- bzw. Vakuumalarme für Transformatoren, die mit Stickstoff-Schutzgassystemen und ähnlichen elektrischen Vorrichtungen ausgestattet sind.

Qualitrol 050 Druck- und Vakuumanzeige

Qualitrol 050 Druckkontrollanzeige

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Qualitrol 070 Druckregelungs-Entlüfter

Qualitrol 070 Pressure Control Bleeder Series

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Qualitrol 141,146,148 und AKM 35600, 47500 Druckkontrollanzeige

Qualitrol 141/146/148 Serie und AKM 35600/47500 Druckschalter Serie

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