Qualitrol 050 Druckkontrollanzeige

Transformer pressure gauge designed to last in harsh environments

Transformer pressure gauge and/or vacuum indicator for accurate representation of the pressure state inside of a vessel. Features a 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) dial with at least 180° of angular pointer deflection for easy reading at a glance. Available in a wide variety of pressure ranges and scales for many applications.


  • Rugged steel outer case
  • All internal components made from corrosion resistant materials
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lens for resistance to yellowing and extra protection against breakage
  • Quickly assess pressure condition
  • Features a 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) dial face with at least 180° of angular pointer deflection for easy reading at a glance
  • Accuracy of ±2-3% of full scale provides reliable readings


  • Large variety of models for many applications
  • Many options for dial range, unit of measure, angular deflection, pressure range and other special application features are available
  • Spezielle Modelle mit einem ölgefüllten Edelstahl für hohe Vibrationen und / oder stark korrosive Umgebungen
  • Kundenspezifischer Druck / Vakuumbereich
  • Customized Unit of measure and dial style
  • Mit angepasster Flüssigkeit gefüllt für hohe Vibrationen_
  • Tauchmesser Option

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Druck- oder Vakuumanzeige für Transformatoren und ähnlichen Geräten.

Qualitrol 050 Druck- und Vakuumanzeige

Qualitrol 050 Druckkontrollanzeige

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