Qualitrol 509 Intelligenter Transformator Monitor


Advanced transformer monitor for all parameters required to accurately track and control power transformers. New capabilities of the device such as data logging, event recording and dynamic loading analysis help to optimize loading and maximize asset life.


  • 10 relays (1 dedicated for heater control, 1 dedicated for system status) for alarm and control based on up to 8 modular inputs of various types
  • 4 magnetically isolated current loop outputs (0-1 or 4-20mA selectable)
  • RS-232 local setup, RS-485 remote communication, fiber optic (RS-485) communications and Ethernet ports
  • USB port for local setup and data logging download
  • Cooling monitor model (509-200) for advanced control or load tap changer monitor (509-300) model for detailed performance monitoring


  • Integrated data logging (up to 20 parameters) and event recording (up to 8 events) with shared 32MB memory
  • Ethernet port and/or fiber optic communications output (RS485)
  • Weatherproof enclosure with or without heater, 19″ rack mount or control cabinet panel mount
  • Oil RTD, ambient RTD, clamp on CT, pressure transducer, oil level transmitter, and other various input modules
  • MODBUS / DNP / ASCII / IEC 61850 / IEC 60870 protocols

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Fern- und Nahüberwachung aller wichtigen Parameter von ölgefüllten Transformatoren, einschließlich Kühlsystemsteuerung und Laststufenschalterüberwachung.

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