Qualitrol tragbarer PDM Transformator und GIS Teilentladungs Monitor


A self sufficient and portable PDM system for rapid monitoring and analysis of partial discharge in gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and power transformers. The system is field operated, touch screen based and gives engineers the tools required for diagnosing partial discharge with limited or no access to the main PDM infrastructure.

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  • Full characterization and localization of partial discharge faults to determine the severity of PD and help in scheduling maintenance
  • Very rapid and easy deployment enables maximum time for condition assessment of assets
  • Robust and rugged design to maximize portable operation life and support inspections / testing for extended period of time (24 hours up to 12 months)
  • Accurate fault detection improves reliability of HV testing ensuring safe and stable HV apparatus installed in substations
  • HVDC compatibility saves cost of buying different PD testing equipment for HVDC apparatuses
  • Erweiterte HMI-Bestimmungen (SMARTSUB Software - intelligente Datenverarbeitung, Anzeige und Interpretation)
  • Intelligent customizable reporting
  • Smart and quick real time alarming / alerting mechanism
  • Expandable and field upgradable without reconfiguration


  • Available in two versions; 3 channels (+1 noise channel) and 6 channels (+1 noise channel)

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  • Used for low-cost, high performance periodic online and offline PD testing on HV insulating system of GIS and power transformers in transmission installations, power plants and large industrial consumers. The information gained from the system may be used for condition based maintenance decisions
  • PD testing and analysis whilst installation and commissioning of HV GIS and transformers
  • Quality testing for PD during or after assembling or manufacturing of GIS and transformers
  • Lab measurements of PD on any insulating material for scientific and research laboratories
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